I am an urban being willing to see cities for people. I believe that cities should places to improve the quality of life of the people and should not represent a torture to live on it.
I am a sustainable urban transport consultant, pedestrian/city walker, eco-friendly, vegetarian, NMT and Public Transit lover.

I enjoy observing the people, public space, social interactions, mobility and city enjoyment. I believe that adequate mobility and energy policies are required to create sustainable cities.
I hold a Master in Public Policy from Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, a B.A. in International Business from ITESM in Mexico City and (this year) a B.A. in Economics from UNAM in Mexico City.
I have lived in 7 cities of different sizes, all of them with charming and unique characteristics. I am convinced that cities are creatures to be nurtured and shape everyday.
Born and raised in Mexico City, I have been adopted by Paris, Leipzig, Berlin, Quito, Los Angeles and Frankfurt.

Contact me:

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