Carnival time! … City enjoyment time!

The carnival is a great opportunity to remind us about public space enjoyment. It is a great excuse for everyone to claim the streets, to share joy, dance, music and candy!


Vibrant streets host the parade

The big celebration usually takes place during the weekend when it can be witnessed by most of the people. But it starts days before. All sorts of interesting characters flood the streets: sweet, terrifying, funny, sexy, cute and creative. (If you want to see some more photos, click here)

In the days previous to the weekend (or I should say in the evenings) lots of young people walk around the city, all dressed up ready to party. You can see them boarding the buses, trams, metro or in their bikes.  This spices up the city for some moments. The streets and public transport are vibrant.

This, of course, can only happen when parents and youngsters feel safe in the city, when the public transport provides a night service and when the public spaces offer entertainment. It’s an interesting combination of factors that enable vibrancy in the nightlife of a city. This is a reminder that cities are to be enjoyed at all times, also for leisure and fun!


A group of young people waiting for the metro that will take them safely and reliably to their party.

Public transport and public spaces -livable streets- are like blood and water for a living city. (Soon I’ll elaborate more on this analogy in another post).

The carnival parade in the weekend is an excellent opportunity to revive historical sites, enjoy the rivers, plazas and other forgotten corners of the city. It becomes a pedestrian paradise. Cars are banned from the streets. The kids can play, jump and enjoy the spectacle. Seniors are walking at their own pace, enjoying the parade – no rush to run away from cars-.

Carnivals and other parades allow everyone to enjoy public space at their own tempo. They provide a moment for the people to enjoy a great cultural and traditional event.


Image Image


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